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J.T. is my totally awesome cat.

He is a curly, long-hair Selkirk Rex and was born January 24, 2009.
“T” hangs out on the farm golf cart during barn chores and often rides along for night time horse check.  He loves to roll around in the dirt and we also allow him to climb trees under
supervision. J.T. is very playful and always has a lot to say, though rather than the usual meow, he whistles and chirps. 

He is a champion fetch player, he loves his puppy sized kongs and he puts all of his toys in his water bowl every night before going to bed. He acts more like a dog than a cat and his
best friend is our bunny, Lacey.

The Selkirk Rex is a relatively new cat breed (originating in the US in 1987)

and is a cross between a rescue cat who had a mutation which caused the curly coat and a Persian.

Later the British Shorthair was used as an out cross to develop the breed. (Please click on Lyricurls link for breeder information.)

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