Dear Kristen-


Q: Do you sell jump poles?

A: I do not stock poles. I have purchased poles from David Morse. If you need a large number of poles we can work out a pick up plan but it will include a shipping/handling fee. David lives 60 miles from me.  If you would like to deal with David personally please inquire for his contact info.


Q: Do you sell jump cups?

A: No. But I recommend buying only “heavy duty metal jump cups”.  All other jump cups bend or break. If you buy from Dover, I recommend using a Dover Visa. The Dover Visa guarantees $5 shipping for all orders no matter the weight. Without a Dover Visa you will pay an arm and a leg for shipping. 


Q: What stock paint colors can I choose from?

A: I stock basic white paint (Kilz2) and also two colors of stain, cedar and cordovan (looks like oak). If colors are needed for your order, please see question below concerning orders.


Q: Why don’t you use oil base paint?

A: I find that oil base or shiny paints peel within 2 years. Flat paint lasts much longer and will not peel off. Oil based stain gives me migraines and makes me very sick even when I use a respirator.


Q: Can you paint items in my order with color?

A: Yes, but I do not stock paint in colors because I would have too much left over paint. Depending on the amount needed, I will purchase either a quart ($10.00)  or sample ($5.00) and you will be charged for the paint BUT you will take the paint home with your order. Along with the price of the paint a small labor fee will apply. 


Q: Do you deliver?

A: Not usually. However, if you need me to deliver I may be able to work something out. I’ll charge $1 a mile loaded and unloaded and an extra $20 for loading and unloading.